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Wingspan Optics WingCatcher 8X42 HD Professional Bird Watching Binoculars

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Just When You Believed Bird Watching Couldn’t Get Any Better… Introducing the Wingspan Optics WingCatcher 8x42 HD Professional Birding Binoculars.

The Wingspan WingCatcher binoculars are revolutionary in their color clarity, resolution, contrast, and durability.

It carries advanced, fully multi-coated lenses with Eagle-Eye Phase Correction and COLORTrue Clarity Enhancement which will beat out the most expensive birdwatching binoculars on the market.

Equipped with Extra Wide Field of View, the Wingspan Optics WingCatcher bird watching binoculars empower you to identify and focus in on your target—with speed and precision. 
  • IMAGINE SEEING FARTHER, FASTER AND WITH MORE CLARITY & COLOR FIDELITY than You'll Find in the Most Expensive Binoculars on the Market with Revolutionary New Technology
  • EASILY SPOT FLYING BIRDS: The Wingspan Optics WingCatcher allows you to seamlessly observe every color on a small bird at 2 meters away, then shift your focus to a 1000 Ft high eagle, with PERFECT Clarity
  • EAGLE-EYE FULLY MULTI-COATED PHASE CORRECTION: Guarantees That You'll Experience Unbeatable Resolution, Contrast & Color Fidelity: Without Ghosting, Flares, Focus Issues or Fogging Up
  • CUTTING-EDGE COLORTrue TECHNOLOGY: Beats More Expensive Binoculars By Miles: Now You Can Experience a Every Nuance of Color Across the Spectrum of Every Wingtip, Doe and Flower, Without the Steep Price
  • THE HD VIEWING DIFFERENCE: Other binoculars make bird watching washed out, bland and with blurred colors. The WingCatcher brings you a whole new world of vibrant clarity and color.


  • POWER - 8x to see 8X Closer
  • OBJ.LENS DIA. - 42mm
  • TYPE OF PRISM - Roof/BaK4
  • FOCUS SYSTEM - Cent.
  • EXIT PUPIL DIST. - 17.2
  • FIELD OF VIEW - 430 Ft/1000 Yds
  • DIOPTER SYSTEM - Right eye
  • INTERPUPILLARY DIST. - 56mm~75mm
  • WATER PROOF- 1m/30min
  • DIMENSIONS (LxWxH) - 5.75 x 4.75 x 2 inches
  • WEIGHT - 1 lbs 6 oz

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