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Birding Binoculars

Why Choose Wingspan Optics Birding Binoculars and Monoculars

There’s no doubt, Birders have a unique way of testing binoculars and require more from their binoculars than any other user. The early morning fog, long mountain hikes, deep forest lighting, long distance viewing and extreme weather all push the Bird Watching optics engineering to its limits. The moments and experiences where you have the ability to find a rare and majestic bird, clearly see their vibrant colors and catch sight of a breathtaking event that may never happen again in a lifetime. These are the reasons Wingspan birding binoculars and monoculars were designed.

Our lenses are engineered to show subtle features in poor light conditions and sharp enough to see the vibrant colors and fine details at long distances. Both our bird watching binoculars and monoculars provide quick focusing so that a birder can easily capture a fast-moving bird and have a field of view wide enough to swiftly locate all types of birds and easily follow them in flight. Wingspan Optics provides accurate color depiction, solid stabilization, eliminates glare and observable distortion in the center of the field, and will not fog up in humid or wet weather; everything you’ll need to enjoy birding more than you ever thought possible.


At Wingspan Optics, we believe to be the best you have to offer the best. That’s why Wingspan always has and will continue to take the extra steps to provide Birders throughout the world with the ultimate in innovative design and manufacturing.

We engineer our birding binoculars and monoculars to offer maximum performance, reliability and an extraordinary view in all types of conditions.

Our process involves a series of steps to ensure all of our optics meet the highest of standards; to identify and resolve issues early in the process; to ensure the product designs are as durable as they are comfortable; to ensure our lenses provide the optimum in magnification, viewer detail and vibrant color; and to create quality testing throughout the process, including a rigorous routine of manufacturing and materials tests that have been designed to support our professional and beginner Bird watching customers.

Regardless of the lighting conditions, Wingspan lenses and superior coatings offer the ultimate image brightness, clarity and the ability to see vibrant colors. Our brightness of illumination spreads out light over a larger area and gathers more light than your unaided eye. In other words, you will see the birds at any distance as brightly as you do with your bare eyes.

And when it comes to putting your compact waterproof binoculars or monoculars in extreme weather conditions, such as rain, dust and temperature extremes, you can rest assured that Wingspan Optics offers the ultimate in protection. In addition, Wingspan goes beyond just protection by also developing lenses that protect from fogging or misting up, which can be annoying or worst, can permanently ruin the optical view.

Affordability and Value

Wingspan Optics is proving that high quality HD binoculars and monoculars don’t have to cost a small fortune. Wingspan’s optical technology, and state of the art components combined with world class manufacturing have made their binoculars and monoculars extremely affordable, offer enormous value and exceed many of the world’s high priced Bird watching optics. And the best part, with Wingspan you are never compromising quality to spend less.

Lifetime Warranty

We believe you should never have to worry about the quality and reliability of your Bird watching optics and to prove it we stand behind everything we make for life! First, we guarantee all of our binoculars and monoculars to be free from manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the product! Second, if you are not satisfied with our binoculars or monoculars at the time you receive them, or they don’t perform to your satisfaction, just return the product to Wingspan for a repair, replacement or refund. Any damage due to wear and tear will be repaired at a reasonable charge. For more details, please see Wingspan Lifetime Warranty.

Anti Reflecting

One of the wow factors of Wingspan’s great, affordable binoculars and monoculars are the optical coatings. These coatings are engineered to be effective across a wide spectrum of wavelengths and provide the best performance.

The secret is in the advanced lens coatings and prism coatings. These decrease light reflection and glare while improving image brightness and contrast. While many manufacturers use standard reflective coatings, Wingspan’s advanced prism coatings, which allow almost 100% of the light through the prism, results in brighter high-contrast images. Wingspan’s advanced lens coatings also perform many other functions, such as improving light transmission, eliminating reflections, reducing glare, and providing true colors. And unlike the old days when coating quality was a key differentiator between cheap and expensive binoculars, Wingspan’s lens coating technology makes it possible to achieve a brighter and sharper image without paying an extreme price.


What good is quality if your binoculars or monoculars don't last? Birders who use our optics can look forward to long years of high-quality performance with the best binoculars and best monocular for birding. Wingspan optics undergo a variety of stringent tests to ensure their durable and deliver long-term reliability. As a result of these meticulous efforts, Wingspan Optics adheres to the most demanding industry standards while maintaining high performance at an affordable price.

Field of View

Field of view has never been more important than with Birders. The Wingspan field of view provides Birdwatchers with the ability to have a viewing image that is wider and the ability to quickly spot fast moving and small birds before they move away. This can often mean the difference between quickly identify a bird or capturing a rare event.

Close Focus

This might seem like an odd thing to consider, since binoculars are looked at as something that helps people view things far away; and for most users this is true. However, there are many times when birdwatching enthusiasts have a fairly close minimum focus distance or would like to use their binoculars for close bird or insect observation. So Wingspan made both long and short distance viewing possible. Wingspan’s close focus viewing can allow Birders the luxury of seeing the minute details of birds, including wing bars, color patterns and crown markings. So with Wingspan, you now get the best of both worlds.

Our Mission

“To meet the optical needs and desires of today’s Birdwatcher…  
Wingspan makes it easy to own high quality optics that are designed to capture amazing moments for all types of birding.
“To inspire and make birding exciting, affordable and enjoyable for the serious birdwatcher or the beginning enthusiasts.”