It’s Baby Bird Time! What Do You Do?

Spring is here and so are the baby birds. But unfortunately, not all baby birds stay in the nest until they can fly. Actually, many find themselves out of the nest and helpless on the ground, but knowing what to do when you find them can save the animal’s life.

Are You Ready For A Spring Bird Watching Adventure?

Spring is a great time for bird watching, Early migrants are starting to arrive and nesting season has begun. Here are some important tips that will help you with your spring bird watching and enhance your experience.

Birds That Fly The Farthest To Migrate

Some birds travel extraordinary distances, some even cover thousands of miles during their long migration journey. So who are the kings of bird migration and travel the farthest distances each year to reach their destinations?

Secrets To Being a Better Bird Watcher

How can you become a better birder? How do you increase your chances of finding a rare bird? Or what could you do to make your bird watching experience more fun and enjoyable?  Whatever it means to you, we have listed some important tips that are sure to make you a better birder.

Winter Backyard Birding

Although many of your favorite birds have left you for the winter and gone south, don't let that stop you from backyard birding. As many birds are forced to travel to Central and South America, many others are leaving Canada and Alaska and heading south. Learn how to attract these new visitors to your yard.

How To Help Our Feathered Friends Survive The Winter

Winter can be a great time to spot some beauitful birds, but the lack of camouflage, food and water can make the winter a difficult time for them. 
We have listed some of the most important things we can do to help our friends survive the frigid cold winter months.

Where To Find The Mother Lode Of Bald Eagles In North America

The American bald eagle is perhaps the most majestic and revered of all birds of prey across North America. During certain times of the year, these beautiful birds travel across North America, from Alaska and Canada to northern Mexico. Here’s a look at some of the best spots in North America where you can see one of the world's most incredible bird’s and the national bird of the United States.

Can You Identify The Rarest Birds In North America?

Listed below are some of the rarest birds that breed in North America.
Many of the rare birds we have listed are among some of the the most critically endangered bird species in North America. Not only are these birds a rare find, many of them described here have plummeted from great abundance to the edge of extinction.

Do you know who these birds are? Can you identify them? This blog gives you a chance to test your bird identification skills and learn more about these rare and exquisite birds.

The Ugly Truth About Using Ordinary Binoculars For Bird Watching

Birders demand a level of detail that virtually no other situation requires and need optics that cover a wide range of situations. Unfortunately, your ordinary binoculars just doesn't have what it takes to give bird watchers everything they require to get the most out of birding. Because of the differences, we list some very important things you must know and look for before buying bird watching binoculars.

Why The Price Of Top HD Bird Watching Binoculars Are Finally In Your Budget

There’s no doubt, when it comes to bird watching, the clearer and sharper the image, the better. That’s why most bird watchers everywhere feel High Definition (HD) binoculars takes bird watching to a whole new level. But for years, the price of HD binoculars has been out of the reach for most bird watchers. Until now!

The Bird Watching Binoculars On Every Backyard Birder’s Wish List

So what do today’s bird watchers really want, or need to take their birding experience to a whole new level? We cover a variety of key features and new technological advancements that help bird watchers to experience a more amazing and enjoyable experience, and are the reason many backyard birders are ditching the old binoculars and upgrading to the new.

Why Now Is The Best Time To Upgrade Your Birding Binoculars.

One thing is for sure with birders—even beginning birders need more out of their binoculars than other binocular users. And unfortunately the old standard binoculars just doesn't measure up to the new designs when it comes to quality, performance and reliability.
So what are some of the warning signs that you need new binoculars?