The Bird Watching Binoculars On Every Backyard Birder’s Wish List

Binoculars are an essential tool for birders and every bird watcher knows, the better the binoculars, the better the view and bird watching experience.

So what do today’s bird watchers really want, or need to take their birding experience to a whole new level? We cover a variety of key features and new technological advancements that help bird watchers to experience a more amazing and enjoyable experience, and are the reason many backyard birders are ditching the old binoculars and upgrading to the new.

Your birding binoculars can elevate the experience.


Ultra HD with ED Lenses 
Extra-low Dispersion (ED) or High Density (HD) lenses are used in the objective lens elements of premium binoculars. Their purpose is to correct color fringing. Color fringing can be an issue with standard binoculars, particularly when viewing high contrast subjects (birds that are against a dark background). ED or HD glass reduces or eliminates color fringing, improving the sharpness, clarity, contrast and overall color fidelity of the bird you are viewing.

Compact and Light Weight
Out with the old heavy and bulky binoculars that cause major neck strain and in with the new line of sleek binoculars, called “Roof” prism binoculars. Roof prism binoculars are not only smaller, but they are more compact, lighter and easier to use. Even more, roof prism binoculars are not only lighter and more compact, but they are also better in terms of clarity, brightness, and are very user friendly.

So what is a good weight for the ideal lightweight binoculars for bird watching? Anything below 1.8 lb. is very good. You can even find lightweight models that can beat out the 3 lb.+ models.

Binoculars with Adjustable Eye Cups, for Sufficient Eye Relief
Birders are looking for adjustable eye cups because they need sufficient eye relief? Eye relief is the distance between the eyepiece lenses and your eyes which ultimately determines the right focal point of your binoculars to give birders the best image.

And the truth is, the ideal eye relief distance is different for different people, (especially if you wear eyeglasses), so it's essential to be able to adjust the distance between the eyepiece and your eyes to get a clear view. So what do bird watchers need? They need adjustable eye cups ! By being able to adjust the eye relief distance, birders have the flexibility to get the perfect image for their eyes. And it prevents cramming the binoculars against your eyeballs, or spending all your time moving your binoculars around to get a clearer view. That is, until your bird gets away.

Waterproofing and Fog Proofing Binoculars
It will obviously benefit any bird watcher to have waterproofing and fog proofing added to their birding binoculars. Because when you venture from the backyard and journey into nature, you want binoculars that can withstand any kind of weather.
Though waterproofing is important, birders definitely want to avoid binocular fogging. We don’t mean fogging on the outside of your binoculars, because that’s normal for all binoculars, especially in changing temperatures. But you want to avoid internal fogging, which can ruin your binoculars for good, as well as put a damper on your wonderful bird watching adventures.

Optics With Phase Correction Coating
Every birder wants their binoculars to clearly show the beautiful bright colors that nature gave to the many birds in this world. Phase correction coating is a coating that is added to the prism inside binoculars in order to keep colors as clear and bright as the picture you're seeing.
Actually, the technical explanation is that phase correction coatings on the binocular prism helps keep light in correct color phases.
Because these coatings keep the light in the correct color phases, they produce images that have better contrast, a higher resolution and have a better color reproduction.

Binoculars That Offer Close Focus
Short close-focus distance lets you view subjects that are very close to you. Some bird watchers would say that close-up bird watching is the best kind of bird watching. This is because not only can you see your bird magnified, but you can also see more exquisite detail. Most high quality binoculars have close focus capabilities which is very important for birding.

A Wide Field of View
Why is a wide field of view so important to birders? Well, if you’ve ever heard a bird singing, and tried to find it among the trees, you probably noticed how hard that can be. It’s because having a narrow field of view is like trying to find the bird with a telescope. But a wide field of view will give you a bigger, more panoramic view to scan the entire tree or flight area. And, the bigger view allows you to quickly look for a bird on each branch, or find them in flight.

A Lifetime Warranty
Every birder would love to have a Lifetime Warranty on their binoculars! Imagine you get the ideal pair of specially designed bird watching binoculars, and you are having the most memorable bird watching experience ever. All of a sudden, woops! Crack! Now, your perfect pair of binoculars are no longer perfect. Actually, they’re broken. And unless you're ready to shell out more money for a new pair, a Lifetime Replacement Warranty will come in really handy to get you back to fulfilling your lifelong hobby.
Not only that, but if you finally buy a premium pair of specially designed binoculars for bird watching; if they break or get damaged, you'll need to shell out more money for a new pair. On the other hand, with a Lifetime Warranty, you can feel safe that if your specially designed bird watching binoculars are ever damaged, you can get a brand-new pair for free…for life!

Lower Costing Optics
Let’s face it, every birder would like to save money and cost is always a key factor when searching for better bird watching optics. But unfortunately, some binoculars can cost a bird watcher a fortune. But today there’s good news. Companies like Wingspan Optics have brought to the market a variety of high quality bird watching binoculars and monoculars at a price that will fit every bird watcher’s budget.

A Quick Word On Monoculars
Although the primary optics choice for birders is binoculars, there are defiantly some birders that like monoculars. Basically, the monocular is half of a binocular; one of two optical tubes that are connected to form a binocular. A monocular can be less than half the weight and often at a cost savings. The disadvantage is that one eye viewing is more tiring than viewing with both eyes, and you lose the stereoscopic advantage of the binoculars. However, if you have poor vision in one eye, or nonexistent, the monocular makes a ton of sense.

Where Do Birders Find All Of These Wonderful Features To Fulfill Their Wish List?
Whether you’re a novice looking for your first set of quality bins or an experienced birder looking for an upgrade, Wingspan Optics is meeting the desires of today’s birders by offering high quality binoculars and monoculars that can take bird watching to a new level and with a selection to fit every budget.
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