How much should you really spend on bird watching optics?

An unspoken given in the birding community is that you must spend at least $400-$500 on binoculars. Many birders spend well above that amount for marquee branded binoculars, knowing they will carry a high level of quality into the field. But with advances in lens coating, new technologies and advanced glass engineering, the world of birding is seeing lower pricing, making bird watching more accessible to a wider base of new birders.

Big bucks and big brands

There are many big name optics companies producing high quality binoculars for a variety of uses. But, is that what bird watchers really need? Today, birders no longer need to spend big bucks on expensive big brand binoculars to get more features and a high-quality view at any distance. Thanks to innovative engineering and state of the art technology, bird watchers have additional options when purchasing binoculars.

Binoculars engineered exclusively for bird watching 

Wingspan Optics (formerly Polaris Optics) is one of the new brands quickly gaining the trust and praise of bird watching enthusiasts. New advancements in manufacturing, lens coating technologies and glass engineering have closed the pricing gap of optics, making the purchase of high quality bird watching binoculars less painful.

But, it’s not just the advanced materials, coatings or engineering that have made Wingspan Optics stand out in the birding industry. One of their advantages is that they design, develop and manufacture optics just for bird watchers. This makes it possible to bring birders quality optics that can fit their birding needs and also for their optics to be affordable to all types of birders.

Wingspan Optics products feature quick close-to-wide focus and absolute color and clarity.

The need for quick close-to-wide focus and absolute color and clarity for identifying each brilliant feather, are unique to bird watching.


The unique needs of bird watchers have always been compromised to some extent when purchasing a pair of standard binoculars, because they’re designed for multipurpose use. The need for quick close-to-wide focus and better color and clarity, are unique to bird watching. This design focus has played a major role in the ability to create new optical improvements for the bird watchers of the world.

What to look for when choosing bird watching binoculars:

What to look for when choosing bird watching binoculars.

Wingspan Optics offers the above features and more.

Whether you are an experienced birder or a beginning backyard bird watcher, Wingspan Optics makes it possible for bird watchers to purchase a great pair of bird watching binoculars for under $200. To learn more about Wingspan Optics advantages visit “Why Wingspan?” or view our new line of bird watching binoculars.