Beyond the Feeder: Get Ready for Summer Backyard Bird Watching

If you’re a bird lover, chances are your backyard is a bird watching paradise. With Northern migratory bird season in full swing, you’ve likely hosted scores of migrating birds and everyone’s backyard favorite – the divine hummingbird. Let’s get ready for a summer of backyard birding with our tips on feeders, the plants birds love and the best binoculars for backyard birding.

Gimme Shelter
Birds are just like us, they need shelter, food and water. Feeders are your most important basic for attracting feathered friends, but you also want them to make your backyard their home. Create natural protective habitats with dense shrubbery, hedges and vines that trail in a wild manner, plant flowering varietals like salvia, honeysuckle and bottle brush to attract hummingbirds (full list here courtesy of The Hummingbird Society).

The best plants by zipcode
Native plants are the best choice for bird-friendly backyards as they reduce the need to use pesticides. Click here for the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s plant resources by zip code, a fast and easy way to see what grows best for birds in your region.

Contact local gardening groups, they often have plant swaps or offer freebies when splitting over-grown plants.

Every backyard birder wakes to a symphony of heavenly songbirds – bluebirds, finches, wrens, larks and sparrows serenade – even the beautiful villain of the feeder, the noisy blue jay.

Blue Jay at birdfeeder

Create a bird watching paradise specific to your region without breaking the bank.

Beyond the feeder
Don’t forget the birdbath so your feathered friends will have a good source of clean water over the hot summer months.

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You don’t need to purchase a feeder or a bird bath to create your own backyard birding paradise.
Check out our Pinterest Board and Follow us for creative DIY feeder and birdbath upcycling ideas for your backyard. 


Bird watching binoculars: the one item every backyard bird watcher needs to enjoy the show!
You’ve spent money and time building a clever birdbath and feeder – now it’s time to get the best binoculars for birdwatching. There’s no getting around the fact that birders—even beginners—need more from their binoculars than any other users.

“Bird-worthy” Binocular Checklist

  • Ability to see subtle features in poor light and sharp enough to resolve fine detail. 
  • Multi coated lenses for better clarity and color  
  • Wide field of view to quickly spot fast moving and small birds 
  • Accurate color rendition
  • Lenses that decrease light reflection and glare
  • Fog-proof in wet or humid weather.

Today, Wingspan Optics offers a variety of amazing bird watching binoculars, for the beginner or experienced bird watcher, and at great prices. Click here for a selection of amazing backyard bird watching binoculars for all types of bird watching.

Wingspan Optics wishes you the best summer ever for backyard bird watching!